Voter Eligibility

All individuals who pay UVSS fees are eligible to vote for elections to the Board of Directors, as well as for Referenda. Distance, coop, and exchange students are all encouraged to vote in the UVSS Elections. Some students in specialized non-undergraduate programs still pay UVSS fees, and as such, are privy to the same befits and voting rights as undergraduate students. This includes: UVic Law students, some Island Medical Program students, STEPS Forward Program participants, and students in the PDP (Education) Program. If you are unsure as to whether you pay UVSS fees, log into the UVic System and check the “Account Summary by Term” (My Courses –> Account Balance) to see if the UVIC Student Society fee is charged to your account.

For the election of the International Student Representative, only international students who pay UVSS fees are eligible to vote.