Director at Large and Director of International Student Relations

The Directors-at-Large are responsible for both assisting the Lead Directors in carrying out their duties and for scrutinizing Lead Director activities. They assist in coordinating and implementing all levels of campaigns concerning education defence and must participate in at least two committees of the Students’ Society.

The Director of International Student Relations holds similar responsibilities to that of a Director-at-large, however they are elected by only international students and focus on the international student community.

Specific duties of Directors-at-Large and Director of International Student Relations:

  • Attend and contribute to UVSS Annual General Meetings;
  • Attend and contribute to UVSS Board of Directors’ Meetings;
  • Attend and contribute to at least two committees of the society, this involves:
    • Attending regular meeting times;
    • Participating in decision-making;
    • Carrying out tasks delegated by the committee;
    • Actively working to assist the Executive Directors in the performance of their duties;
    • Scrutinizing the activities of the Executive Directors;
    • Sit on University committees when able and report back to the Board of Directors on the actions of the committee;
    • Police the constitution, by-laws, and policies of the UVSS;