Director of Finance and Operations

The Director of Finance and Operations shall:

  • Oversee the administration of all aspects of the Studentsʼ Societyʼs finances,
  • Oversee the administration of the Studentsʼ Societyʼs operations and services,
  • Function as the chief liaison between staff and the Board of Directors, through the General Manager,
  • Prepare the Studentsʼ Societyʼs budget for adoption by the Board of Directors,
  • Develop all financial policies and practices necessary to effect the responsible control of the funds of the Students’ Society and to comply with all applicable legislation,
  • Examine all contracts to be signed by representatives of the Students’ Society,
  • Maintain a current inventory of all Students’ Society assets,
  • Assist other directors in their duties as needed,
  • Perform other duties as outlined in the Bylaws, policy or as assigned by the Board of Directors.