Kathleen Banville

We are one year into a global pandemic and realizing that community is more crucial than ever. Community includes where we live, where we go online, and who we share our lives with. Everyone deserves to feel safe and that they belong, and we all need to recognize that there are systemic structures that do not affect everyone equally. I support Black Lives Matter, Land Back for Indigenous peoples, and No One is Illegal which are all movements that recognize oppression and offer solutions to dismantle it.

I also believe in no cost tuition, removing barriers for people with criminal records entering school or work, and queering and cripping academia. These are some of the actions I want to support in order to build community more equally for everyone at UVic and around.

I am a lifelong activist with experience in radical cheerleading, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, etc. I’m a cyclist for transportation and for fun. I love to read, cook vegan food, listen to music, and hang out with friends. I’m very excited to be a transfer student at UVic studying sociology and social justice. I look forward to meeting everyone whenever it is safe to do so!

Top 3 Priorities
  1. Free tuition
  2. Remove systemic barriers for people with criminal records
  3. Queering and cripping the academy

Deborah Berman

 Hey UVic! My name is Deborah Berman and I’m running to be Director at Large. I am in my third year in Political Science and Environmental Studies. I grew up in a suburb of Vancouver on traditional unceded Kwikwetlem territory. Prior to this year, I was a volunteer at the interfaith chapel’s pet cafe. Through my professional and extracurricular experience, I have developed strong organization and teamwork skills. I hope to apply these skills to the many complex problems facing UVic students. 

Like many other students, I have been attending school from my home outside of Victoria. This is a vast departure from previous years at UVic. From my own experience, I know students are struggling with the social isolation associated with this distance from campus and fellow peers. I think we all miss studying at Biblio and meeting up in the SUB. My goal is address social isolation through the construction of a stronger campus culture. I am running to rejuvenate the spirit of the UVic community through these troubling times. 

On March 24-26, vote Deborah Berman for Director at Large! 

Top 3 Priorities
  1. Community and Engagement
    • Organize online events to increase peer interactions like trivia and movie nights 
    • Create a UVSS committee focused on student engagement and decreasing social isolation 
  2. Mental Health 
    • Lobby to increase funding and access to mental health and peer support services
  3. Affordability 
    • Lobby UVic against tuition increases 
    • Work with BC Transit to decrease bus pass costs 

Nigel Bisnar

Hey UVic! My name is Nigel Bisnar and I’m running for Director at Large on the UVSS Board. I am a fourth-year student in Political Science. I grew up on the territories of the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, Stz’uminus, WSÁNEĆ, Tsawwassen and Coast Salish peoples, otherwise known as Salt Spring Island. Aside from my studies, I work part time as a rowing coach and as a youth camp counselor. I am also a member of Divest UVic. My experience working as a coach and my extracurricular work have helped me develop strong teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UVic student body is struggling more than ever. It’s critical that the UVSS works to address the primary challenges facing students. The pandemic has increased the financial burden on students as well as contributed to mental health challenges and social isolation. In addition, the climate crisis is an increasingly urgent threat. I want to be an accessible member of the UVSS board, and I will always be ready to listen and act on students’ concerns. 

If elected, I promise to:

  1. Divestment and Accountability
    • Lobby the UVic Foundation Board to divest the endowment fund from fossil fuel investments
    • Lobby for the UVic Foundation Board to include a student representative so that we have a voice in these major financial decisions
  2. Affordability
    • Expand access to open source textbooks
    • Lobby UVic to expand access to needs-based grants
  3. Community Spirit and Mental Health
    • Build a stronger UVic spirit and culture on campus: We need to build a sense of community belonging (other than zoom meetings)
    • Expand access to mental health resources

On March 24-26, Vote Nigel Bisnar for Director at Large!

Hailey Chutter

Hi there!

My name is Hailey Chutter, I am a 1st Year student studying Business and I am excited to run as the next Director-at-Large on the Board of Directors! My time as a member of Divest UVic and on the Resident Green Team, as well as my first hand experience living on campus this year during the pandemic has given me insight on what impactful changes students need at UVic. I am confident in my ability to organize these changes, and I have ambitious goals for the upcoming year if given the opportunity. If elected I will dedicate my time fighting for sustainability across campus, positive community building experiences, and will prioritize student mental health. My past leadership in health and wellness campaigns and environmental activism have taught me how to take issues, injustices, and disarray, and channel them into action plans. I am confident that my passion and creativity will allow me to be an active team player as a Director-at-Large and drive meaningful change within the UVic community. I plan to prioritize the following three things:

  1. Sustainability
    • Continue to pressure the school to divest
    • Ensure packaging and brands at the MOD and SUB align with ethical values
    • Improve user friendliness of waste bins on campus and in residence buildings
  2. Advocating for students and their needs on campus and online
    • Increase covid safe community spaces on campus
    • Increase variety of vegetarian/vegan options at the MOD
    • Create a clear platform to discover existing clubs and groups
    • Work with CL’s to Improve residence community through outdoor events at the beginning of the year and personal emails
  3. Student wellness
    • Make the online consent workshops and training for first-year resident students mandatory
    • Ensure a more personal introduction of the school counsellors to students
    • Improve clarity of what resources the Wellness Centre offers, and reintroduce them frequently throughout the year

Kritika Gupta

Hello Uvic! I am Kritika Gupta and I am running to be a Director-at-Large. I am a third year Psychology student and an ardent mental health advocate. Since coming to Uvic I have dedicated my work with the Peer Support Centre, Island health community and many more organizations towards helping people with disabilities including mental health. I have also dedicated major effort in campaigns against sexualized violence. If elected, I want to work towards making our student society a safe and comfortable place for all current and incoming students where they believe their voices are heard. My values relating to sustainability, community building, decolonization and mental health awareness have motivated me to be your representative.I plan on making Uvic and UVSS more sustainable and inclusive. Some of the challenges I want to focus on :

  • Advocate for better safety from sexualized violence on and off campus with mandatory workshops for all incoming students
  • Lobbying a buddy system for people with disabilities in order to make Uvic facilities more accessible
  • Lobbying to increase health and counselling appointments at Uvic.
  • Lobbying Uvic for full divestment by 2025
  • Lobbying to increase the number of open source textbooks at Uvic
Top 3 Priorities
  1. Advocate for better safety from sexualized violence on and off campus with mandatory workshops for all incoming students
  2. Lobbying UVic for full divestment by 2025
  3. Providing better mental health support to students

Rowan Huff

Hello, my name is Rowan Huff Froese and I’m running to be one of your Directors at Large. I’m a third-year Political Science student on a transfer from TRU with a strong desire to give back to my new community. 

As one of your Directors at Large I will connect with the diverse student body so that I may voice your concerns to my colleagues on the Board to make sure we stay focused on the most relevant issues. Asides from school, I like to cook, exercise, and watch movies. I’m a volunteer with Youth Victoria, a campus leader for Intervarsity, and a student representative for the Gordon Head Residents Association. I’m passionate about community development, student recognition, and leaving this school better off than when I started. I believe in a UVSS that can be relied on and understands the needs of students.

My goals are to:

  • Support the development and creation of open-source textbooks and open-source learning materials to make education more accessible and affordable for all students
  • Make sure that student fees are invested in sustainable projects that promote long term growth
  • Keep my ear to the ground and be readily available to listen to the questions and concerns of students

Vote Rowan Huff Froese for Director at Large, on March 24-26th! 

Shilpa Parveen

 Hello! My name is Shilpa Parveen and I, a second-year Psychology student, am running to be your Director at Large as part of the UVSS. I currently work as an Engage Leader and a Global Community Conversation Partner. I’ve had opportunities to experience and understand the need for a diverse, yet unified UVic community through various interactions with fellow students, whether local or international. Having met students from different backgrounds, I’ve come to understand how most students lack sexual education and awareness. 

As your Director at Large, I wish to represent your voice by: 

  • Encouraging mandatory sexualized education and training for new students. 
  • Advocating for centralization of online learning for students, making it substantially easier and accessible for every student. 
  • Improving mental health services provided, by reducing wait times and providing more same day appointments. 


 I’m committed to making visible changes that will make your time at UVic valuable and memorable. 

Vote for Shilpa Parveen for Director at Large on March 24th-26th! Cheers. 

Top 3 Priorities
  1. Advocate for more same day Mental Health appointments 
  2. Expand Food Bank capacity through collaborations 
  3. Introduce mandatory, in-person sexual assault and respect training for all first-year students 

Siddarth Pathak

 Hey UVic! I am Siddharth (Sid) and am running for the position of Director At Large this year. I am completing my undergrad in Computer Science & Mathematics 

I have been very involved with UVic Clubs and Community for over 4 years now and have worked in projects that have contributed towards inclusivity and diversity within the campus. I have also worked with UVic Global Community, UVic Orientation and have tried to be an exemplary member of the UVic Community. 

I have been guided by my values of community building, diversity, inclusivity and social justice in my work and have guided and mentored peers. I have experience to bring together different views and understandings to form uniting and constructive dialogue so that everyone can progress together, and I will be right beside you. 

If elected, I will dedicate my time in uniting voices in UVic student community to follow through with these core objectives: 

  • Advocate for more open-source textbooks 
  • Advocate for more same day Mental Health appointments 
  • Expand Food Bank capacity through collaborations 
  • Introduce mandatory, in-person sexual assault and respect training for all first-year students 

Vote Siddharth Pathak for Director At Large on March 24th-26th! 


Top 3 Priorities
  1. Advocate for more same day Mental Health appointments 
  2. Expand Food Bank capacity through collaborations 
  3. Introduce mandatory, in-person sexual assault and respect training for all first-year students 

Dhruvi Raichada

Hey UVic! I’m Dhruvi, and I’m running to be your Director at Large. I am doing my undergrad degree in Business. I believe that it is important for us to work towards making student life more affordable especially during the pandemic.  

I have been a part of UVSS for 2 years and I am interested to be a part of UVSS board and become a voice for the student. I will work on the principles of sustainability, affordability and community building in UVic. Students have been affected tremendously because of the pandemic and I intend to make a change to support the students. 

If elected, I will work to unite voices in UVic and return the best interest on student investment with these core objectives:

  • Provide full institutional transparency. 
  • Ensure healthy student lifestyle by providing healthy food options UVSS food bank and other food services in SUB
  • Lobby for mandatory Bystander Intervention training for all first year students 
  • Lobby Uvic to make ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) mandatory for all students leaders around campus. 

Vote Dhruvi Raichada for Director at Large!

Top 3 Priorities
  1. Lobbying to make textbooks affordable for students especially during this pandemic
  2. Increasing international and People of Colour representation in UVSS governance
  3. Lobbying to increase sexualised violence workshops to create a safe environment for all students

Kishal Scholz

Hi UVic! My name is Kishal Scholz (she/her) and I am running for the Director-at-Large position on the UVSS Board of Directors. I am a second-year student in English and Gender Studies. I have spent most of my life on the territory of the Stó:lō, Coast Salish, and Kwantlen peoples and I now live on W̱SÁNEĆ and Lekwungen territories. As a settler on these lands and as a member of the BIPOC community, I understand the importance of anti-racism and decolonization work which I practice daily as the coordinator of the UVSS Food Bank and Free Store on campus.

I am committed to improving essential services for students, specifically by creating a sustainable structure for the food bank and expanding mental health support options, as well as working to reduce stigma and build safer spaces for students in which to access these resources. As your director, I will be accessible to all students as I work in tandem with our community.

On March 24-26, Vote Kishal Scholz for Director at Large!

Top 3 Priorities
  1. The Food Bank
    • Expanding the capacity of the food bank and providing more accessibility
    • Lobbying for the allocation of increased funds to provide a greater number of students with food and other essentials
    • Establishing the food bank as an essential service
  2. Mental Health Support
    • Expanding beyond video and phone calls
    • Creating COVID-safe in-person counselling options
  3. Creating Safer Spaces
    • Integrating anti-racist practices into all student spaces and UVSS work
    • Reducing stigma surrounding accessing resources
    • Providing PPE, menstrual products, and safer sex supplies in the SUB