2017/18 UVSS Candidates – Platforms & Fora

Who are your 2017/18 UVSS Board of Directors Candidates?

Are you interested in their backgrounds and what they stand for? Find out more by reading their platforms.

To learn even more about perspectives behind the names and written platforms, why not plan on coming to the All Candidates and Lead Directors’ Forum – hear them speak and ask questions about what they will do for you if elected!

  • 2 pm February 27th, 2017All Candidates Forum – Michele Pujol Room- Lg Side
  • 3 p.m. February 28th, 2017Lead Director Debate Michele Pujol Room- Large Side

A copy of the candidate platforms for the UVSS Board of Directors (along with those from UVic Senate and Board of Governors); information about the elections process, referendum questions, forums/debates and more can be in the Martlet Supplement – found here.

  Fora Formats

All sessions will be moderated by Elections Office staff.

All Candidates Forum

Following an introduction and overview of ground rules for the All Candidates Forum, each candidate will be provided a brief opportunity to orate their views in a brief speech:

  • Directors-at-large/International Students Rep – Two (2) Minutes
  • Lead Directors – Three (3) Minutes
  • Referenda Official Representatives/Proponent – Three (3) Minutes

This will be followed by a short Questions and Answers periods following each of the categories above from the audience present with more time for questions at the end, time permitting.

The forum will also be broadcast live on CFUV 101.9 FM.

Lead Directors Forum

The Lead Directors Debate will have a slightly different format, with the Martlet and
CFUV 101.9 FM taking the lead on the live broadcast, by posing directed questions to the candidates to help draw out perspectives on various issues.

The Martlet and CFUV 101.9 staff would like to represent UVSS Students’ interests through their line of questions but they need your help! UVSS students are encouraged to assist by submitting questions for consideration in advance (by February 26th, 2017), to:

The Spoken Word at spokenword@cfuv.ca

Like the All Candidates Forum, the student audience present will have approximately 20-30 minutes to ask questions to the candidates at the end of the debate as well.

Details on the forum conduct ground rules and process will be outlined at the commencement of each forum.

Candidates platforms will also be available in the Martlet Supplement, February 23rd edition (2017).

Supplemental copies of the insert will be available at the Elections Office, SUB B211.