Information for Candidates

Congratulations on your decision to run for the 2017/18 UVSS Board of Directors!

On these pages you will find links to to supplemental information which you might find helpful as you venture forward through the elections process.

This main page is this is where the Election Office will post any updates to the process that will be relevant to you. The update notifications will stay on this page for a minimum of one week.


I would like to thank all the candidates who attended the All Candidates’ Meeting. I was thrilled to see, with the exception of those who advised in advance that they could not attend, that everyone was present. I hope everyone made it home safely.

Staff will be sending you updates on any new information that has been posted on an interim/ad hoc basis (often referencing this page) but you can also always check this main page to be apprised of changes/additions to the information on the website which may affect or inform you better.

I am looking forward to helping you make this election process as smooth and enjoyable as possible, but remember, each and every one of you is key to making this happen. What is key is ensuring that your actions are grounded in respect for each other and all members of the student body, avoiding harassment of any kind and any false communications about others.

Remember, as outlined in the Candidate’s Handbook, our Office is here to help and I urge you to come speak to me informally about any concerns about the process or other candidates’ actions prior to escalating to formal avenues. Campaigning is stressful enough. Contact me personally via email at (this is a different email address than the main office) and we can schedule a time to discuss by phone or in person.


Lori Roter
UVSS Chief Electoral Officer




Zap Accounts open effective 12:00 p.m. Friday, February 10th, 2017. Please refer to the NEW Zap! Procedures . They have changed. Changes have also been reflected in the revised  Candidate’s Handbook.

New Interpretations/Rulings added – February 14th, 2017

Amendments Since February 10th

  • A new interpretation has been added to the interpretation and advanced ruling page as discussed at the All Candidates Meeting – Endorsements.
  • A new interpretation has been added to the advanced ruling page – Early Campaigning
  • New Guidance has been outlined for expenditure submissions on the advance ruling page.

Additions, February 28th

  • Advanced notification regarding posters and banners, which applies to candidates running in all three university elections (Senate, BoG and UVSS BoD).
  • Complaint Ruling #1 – Unauthorized number of posters
  • Amendment to the expense submission documentation requirement (applies to slates)

Additions, March 2nd

Complaint Ruling #2  –Campaigning within 6 meters of a polling station