Interpretations & Advanced Rulings


Early Campaigning
While explicitly addressed in the Electoral Policy Manual (EPM), it is worthwhile to re-emphasize that it is only the “posting, distribution or publishing” of campaign material prior to the beginning of the campaign period which is prohibited. Candidates are permitted to prepare their materials in advance of this date without penalty.

Candidates/Slates may set up a website (i.e., establish a URL) prior to the beginning of the Campaign Period, however, the website must not include any content pertaining to the candidate(s)/slate until the beginning of the Campaign Period.

Non-posted Campaign Material
The Electoral Policy [5.9.5 (c)], notes that in order for campaign material to be considered “authorized”, that it must be stamped by Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO). For non-posted campaign material, such as handbills, buttons, t-shirts etc., it is acknowledged that it is not feasible to stamp said material and as such, this material will not be considered “unauthorized” unless it has not been first vetted and approved by a DEO. Accordingly, to be deemed authorized material, candidates must provide a sample of said materials to the Elections Office for review. The DEO will either keep a sample for future reference or will take a photograph of the material and keep it on file.

Endorsing Candidates (Section 5.7(c) of the EPM)
Candidates who are on the same slate will have assumed to have given explicit permission for endorsing other candidates on their slate by virtue of being on the same slate. No further written permission is required.

Voting Assistance
Any campaigning undertaken by candidates, campaign managers and/or third-party endorsers, which involves providing prospective voters with access to a computer or hand-held device for the purpose of voting, or assisting prospective voters with locating the website on voters’ devices in any fashion, will be deemed as “election interference” which is a disqualifiable offence under Section 5.9.4 (d) of the Electoral Policy. Candidates, campaign managers and/or third-party endorsers may, however, direct candidates to polling stations or to webvote through the provision of the URL.

Supplemental CEO Rules

Late Submissions of Materials/Missed Deadlines
The UVSS Bylaws and the Electoral Policy set strict deadlines for various stages within the elections process. The CEO, however, does have the authority to establish supplemental rules.

In the spirit of inclusiveness and in the interest of fairness, the Electoral Office may accept late submissions of information, but only under extenuating circumstances, such as in the event of a death or serious illness in the family or other unavoidable and/or emergency situations. Considerations in this regard will be made on an issue-by-issue basis and supporting documentation to support the extension may be required.

Election Expense Submission
Candidates on slates who are splitting the cost for production of materials may do so, however, costs must be divided equally between candidates. The submission of a single copy of each invoice that is attributable to all slate members is permissible but reference must be made in each candidate’s expense form to the invoice(s) that applies to each instance of division of costs. Please indicate the number of people the costs are attributed to in the expense form (e.g., 1/9).

PLEASE NOTE that candidates may not pool their Zap! credit for this purpose – such expenditures must come from candidates supplemental $50 expenditure allowance.

Campaign materials Restrictions – Persons concurrently running in three elections
(UVSS Board of Directors, Board of Governors & Senate).

Clarification on the following misalignment between the Electoral Policy 5.5 (h) and the UVic Signage Policy BP3140 Appendix A sections 3.4-3.6 (clarification provided to both slates via email on February 27th).

The Electoral Policy states that posters and banner limitations are per position. This could be construed as being allowed 6 banners and 90 posters. The UVic Signage policy which overrides the UVSS policy (and also must be adhered to per EPM  5.5 (e)), allows a maximum of 60 posters and 4 banners per person, regardless of the number of positions the candidate is running for.