The Elections Office is in charge of running referendum questions brought forth by UVSS members. All members of the UVSS have the right to propose a question to be considered via referendum regarding student fees, issues or other UVSS matters. Referenda may only be called between the months of September and April (inclusive) via one of two methods;

  • a majority vote of a quorate meeting of the UVSS Board of Directors, or
  • a petition signed by no less than 10% of UVSS members.

Referendum questions are normally posed to members in conjunction with the elections to the UVSS Board of Directors (Spring), or as deemed necessary by the UVSS Board.

Students wishing to call a question are encouraged to utilize the Referendum Question Petition form. In order for the Elections Office to verify signatures, all petition signatures must be accompanied by the member’s name and UVic Student #.

If a question is called by petition the question, along with all requisite signatures, must be submitted to the Chair of the Electoral Committee by the deadline noted (see important dates).

Once the signatures have been verified, the Elections Office staff will then review the question to determine whether it is valid and post the accepted referenda questions.

Individuals wishing to be the proponent or opponent of a referendum question are required to fill out the Proponent or Opponent form, respectively, and submit it to the UVSS Elections Office before the close of nominations.

Please refer to the Constitution and Bylaws, and the UVSS Electoral Policy Manual for more information around calling, and asking a referendum question to all members.

Current Referendum Questions