Complaints and Appeals

If a student alleges that a candidate has done something that contravenes the UVSS Electoral Policy Manual or the Constitution and Bylaws, he or she can submit a complaint to the Elections Office.

Should a candidate be unsure whether one of their own actions may be in noncompliance with the policy or bylaws, it is recommended that they request an advance ruling from the CEO. Email the Chief Electoral Officer at outlining the concern and arrange for a phone or in-person discussion if required. All advanced ruling (stripped of identifiable personal information) will be made and communicated to all candidates by the end of the next business day and will be posted to the website.

We also encourage candidates to meet with an Electoral Officer to request an informal discussion with another candidate about potential campaign violations prior to launching a formal complaint.

Formal complaints must be made in writing to the Elections Office using the Complaint Form.  The forms are to be filled out on the computer, and sent to   Please be aware that candidates only have (1) one business day upon receipt of the complaint or alleged offense, to provide a response, using the electronic complaint response form for that purpose.

Candidates who wish to appeal a decision of the Chief Electoral Officer or the Elections Adjudicator are permitted to do so by filling out and submitting an Appeal Form to the Elections Adjudicator .  These forms must also be submitted electronically.  The respondent or complainant has (1) one business day upon receipt of the ruling to make an appeal. Please read the Policy for further details, if needed.

The Elections Adjudicator will investigate appeals and make rulings. Should either of the two parties involved not be satisfied with the decision of the Elections Adjudicator, they can appeal the adjudicator’s decision to the Arbitration Panel using the appeal form within (1) one business day of issuance of the adjudicator ruling. The Arbitration Panel will investigate the appeal of the Elections Adjudicator and make a final ruling on the complaint.

In general for any appeal to be successful, it must be shown that the decision-maker made a factual or procedural error that affected the outcome of your complaint.

All of the forms necessary for filing complaints, responses, and appeals can be found on the UVSS Elections website.

The CEO will consider each issue that arises or is brought to his/her attention through the complaint process on their own facts and merits. In the interest of fairness, the aim will be to provide consistent interpretations for similar issues although some interpretation will always be necessary. Past rulings by Chief Electoral Officers may be looked to for guidance; however, they are not binding on the Election Office.

A copy of all of the forms required for submission during the complaints and appeals process can be found on our ELECTION FORMS page.

PLEASE NOTE: The UVSS Elections Office does not oversee the University Senate or Board of Governors complaint process. For complaints regarding alleged infractions of Student Senate or Board of Governors candidates, please submit your complaint in writing to the Office of the University Secretary

In person: Michael Williams Building A138
Phone: (250) 721-8102