Voter Guide

Fifteen candidates are competing for eight Director-at-Large positions in the upcoming UVSS by-election. UVSS members will cast their votes online from October 22 to 25.

How to Vote

Fifteen candidates vie for eight Director-at-Large spots. UVSS members will receive a voting link at their UVic emails on Oct. 22 at 9:00am. Login with your UVic NetlinkID. Polling ends Oct. 25 at 5:00pm. Multi-Factor Authentication no longer required!

Single Transferable Vote

For counting the ballots, the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system will be used. STV allows voters to rank candidates by preference, ensuring that elected candidates truly represent the majority’s preferences.

LocationDates and TimesNotes
Student Union BuildingMonday
12:00pm–4:00pm (hall)

12:00pm–4:00pm (outside A104)

12:00pm–4:00pm (hall)
Designated accessible location
ClearihueWednesday 10:00am–5:00 pm
Engineering LabMonday
McPherson LibraryTuesday
No food or drinks permitted
MacLaurin BuildingTuesday
Mobile/Roaming StationsMonday


UVSS Elections OfficeMonday


Not an official voting information station, but staff will be on hand to field questions.

There are eight (8) Director-at-Large positions available, each of which will be a voting member of the UVSS board of directors.


  • Attend committee meetings and cast votes on key decisions.
  • Hold lead directors accountable for their actions and responsibilities.
  • Communicate and engage with other UVSS members — UVic undergraduate students.
  • Assist in organizing and supporting events and activities.
  • Contribute to the execution of advocacy campaigns on local, provincial, and national levels.


  • Candidates must be a member of the UVSS to run for a position.
  • Each candidate may only run for one position on the board of directors.
  • Those who have served as Lead Director for two years are ineligible to run again.

About the UVSS

The University of Victoria Student Society (UVSS) is a vibrant and active non-profit student union at the University of Victoria. Committed to representing the interests of students, UVSS plays a pivotal role in enhancing campus life and advocating for student needs. From organizing events and clubs to providing essential services and resources, UVSS strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus community. Through student elections and referendums, they ensure that student voices are heard, helping shape the university experience for all. UVSS is dedicated to making the student journey at the University of Victoria both engaging and enriching.

Candidate Statements

Lauren Aimoe (she/her)

My vision for my work as Director-at-Large is fueled by the notions of wellness and equity and is grounded in the teachings of Indigenization and decolonization. With me I carry my strength, my teachings and my culture, given to me by my ancestors. With me I also carry my education, my experiences and my leadership skills, given to me by this institution. I walk with one foot in both worlds. I live as an Indigenous person but I also live as a student here at the University of Victoria. As Elder Albert Marshall once said, I see with two-eyes. One acknowledging the strengths of Indigenous ways of being and knowing, the other acknowledging the strengths of Western ways of being and knowing. I acknowledge that UVic is a colonial institution while simultaneously recognizing that it is within my power as an Indigenous student to foster an environment that is more Indigenized every day. Incorporating Indigenous teachings into our way of governing is not just beneficial to UVic’s Indigenous students – it’s beneficial to everyone. I will fight for inclusion, rally for Indigenization and prioritize wellness and health of students as a Director-at-Large and will do so with everyone in mind.

Shaan Brar (he/him)

Hi There! My name is Shaan and I am a 3rd-Year BCOM student running for a director-at-large position. I am running because due to the fact I have been here a few years and enjoyed the benefits of being a UVic student, I want to serve the student body and make sure everyone gets a say in future UVSS decisions. If elected, I would like to strive for the following changes :

Lobby for a reduced-rate parking pass – although this will be challenging, Uvic’s parking fees are very high for an average student, and add an additional burden to many living off campus.

Ensure upper level directors are managing funds efficiently and wisely. I believe my business experience is an asset to help make these processes more streamlined, and since all students pay dues, it is only fair.

Bring student’s day to day concerns directly to the board instead of being bounced from person to person and never coming to fruition, and try to increase voter turnout.

Sasha Chretien (she/her)

Affordability & accessibility for all.
Students not getting enough to eat is the issue I want to work to solve. Many students don’t get enough food through the meal plan. Only place on campus where you get full value from the plan closes at 7pm, too early for many. And students should not have to worry if food from Food Services is safe or fresh.
I want to form a campaign to push UVic to properly feed and take care of the students they charge tens of thousands of dollars in tuition to. The fact that many on campus can’t get enough to eat from the plan they’re required to pay for is not right. Food is critical for studying. How are you supposed to fully take in all your classes on an empty stomach?
I will also join the Access 4 all Campaign to push for hybrid attendance for all. If UVic could be online for the last few years, why shouldn’t you be able to attend your class virtually now? Sometimes you just can’t make it, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the education you paid for.

Angelica Detablan (she/her)

I’m Angelica, a second-year student in the faculty of Social Sciences, and it is an honour to be able to share my personal campaign to promote diversity and representation on our campus. Growing up in Manitoba, I had my own small bubble while being surrounded by a diverse group of people. After moving to Victoria for school, I was intimidated by the unequal representation of diversity on campus. I wish to represent those who believe they have no voice and be the push for them to take the first scary step like I am doing right now. My mission is to promote an environment where every student, faculty member, and staff feels a deep sense of belonging and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that enrich our academic community. Through engaging events like language exchanges and a dynamic Cultural Heritage Month, I seek to encourage perspectives and celebrate the unique stories that shape our identities, encouraging faculty to incorporate diverse perspectives into their teachings and ensuring our education reflects all of our diverse backgrounds. Together, we can transform our university into a place where every voice is heard, valued, and celebrated.

Aidan Dias (he/him)

My name is Aidan, I’m a fourth-year student at UVic. Since starting university at the beginning of the pandemic, I have seen the student body become disconnected from its community on campus. Whether that’s because we are all so busy working trying to make ends meet, struggling with our mental health, or feeling unsafe in a world that has been pulled more and more into far-right extremism, it’s now more important than ever that we band together as students and advocate for our collective needs. If elected I will work to:
– Advocate for more affordable housing policy, and make sure old rules and regulations are followed so that no student is taken advantage of. I will also work to update the Rent with Rights campaign with the current problems facing students.
– Develop engagement and retention strategies between the UVSS and the student body by breaking down key issues and policies into terms that your average student can understand.
– Making sure that no student is hungry and working to diminish food insecurity in any way I can. Fight to ensure UVic is doing its part to lessen economic inequality on campus. Working with other organizations to support the food bank.

Jillian Dierickse (she/her)

Hi! I am an Indigenous PoliSci student with a passion for increasing education surrounding intersectional feminism and Indigenous issues. I advocate for community political engagement, however, many students find activism intimidating. I believe the first step to increasing political engagement is by offering education on why political participation matters and how you can get involved.

That being said, political activism looks different to those in positions of privilege. Women and feminine-presenting individuals, especially those who identify as Indigenous, are often treated poorly in political arenas and their voices are often neglected. I hope to contribute to the UVSS by:
• Educating/offering workshops on how we can engage in self-directed activism in our daily life.
• Increasing awareness for political engagement opportunities across campus.
• Investing in easily accessible political opportunities for young women, especially those who identify as Indigenous.

Prym Goodacre (she/her and they/them)

Hi champions! My name is Prym, and I’m running to be one of your Directors-at-large. I’m a fourth-year Religion, Culture, and Society student, minoring in Greek and Roman Studies, and I’m so excited to spend the end of my degree serving this campus!

Throughout my time at UVic, I’ve seen how wonderful this community can be, but also how it’s struggling. From lack of affordable housing, to food insecurity, to stagnant wages, it’s clear our student body is facing rampant economic injustice. As a director-at-large, I would work with the UVSS to campaign for better housing solutions, including rent control and accessible university-owned housing. The UVSS free lunch program has been a huge success and should be expanded to make sure everyone has a chance to eat. With the SUB serving as a job hub for students, I would work to ensure the SUB’s workers’ needs are met in an increasingly unaffordable city.

The UVic community has been so kind and welcoming to me, acting as a second family in my four years here. Resilient communities rely on caring for each other, so just as this campus has cared for me, I want to take care of it.


Armand Goyal (he/him)

Hey UVSS students! My name is Armand Goyal and I’m running to be your Director at Large. I’m a second-year commerce student. I was born in Vancouver on the unceded traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. My ethnic origin is a blend of Indian Russian and German and I look to leverage my experiences to bring diverse perspectives to the board. If elected, I will primarily focus on: events, food, and languages.

Every year the UVSS hosts a variety of engaging activities however I want to grow on that. I want to bring you outdoor movie nights, petting zoos, pop-ups, and more!
As a gluten and dairy-intolerant student, I frequently found my options extremely limited at the Cove to the point I couldn’t eat there at all some nights. I am committed to providing food that can accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions.
Growing up I wasn’t raised in my father’s language. I was excited when I got into UVIC to take a Hindi class to learn more about my culture but I was disheartened by the choices. I’m devoted to providing more options for students to connect with their cultures.

Eric Liu (he/him)

Eric here, a passionate advocate for your student concerns. As an avid tennis player and member of the Aero Club, where I construct drones, I understand the value of affordability and accessibility.

Firstly, I’m committed to lobbying for reduced food prices on campus, ensuring that every student has access to affordable and nutritious options. Your well-being matters, and I’ll work tirelessly to make sure you have enough to eat.

I’ll champion an easier, more mainstream process for students to opt out of the U-Pass program. Your transportation needs are unique, and you should have the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Furthermore, I’ll advocate for free online textbooks, because quality education shouldn’t come at an additional cost. By providing resources for your studies, we can help alleviate financial burdens.

With your support, I’ll also work towards my seamless transition into the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

Andrew Loe (he/him)

Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew Loe (he/him), and I am a 4th year honours biochemistry student with a minor in music. As your UVSS Director at Large, I will dedicate myself to improve student life on campus with a focus on mental health advocacy. Having suffered my own mental health issues as a UVic student, I know just how difficult it is to get access to essential mental health resources on-campus. Some of my goals if elected include:

Working to improve the accessibility of mental health resources for students at large by reducing wait times to see UVic’s free mental health resources like counselors.
Advocate for those with mental illness and hidden disabilities to increase visibility and decrease stigma.
Increase the effectiveness and transparency of the UVSS.
Use UVSS resources to increase food quality, and reduce food costs on campus (especially at the cove).
Advocate for a 5 day reading break in the fall semester.

Vote for Andrew Loe: Your Voice for change students actually care about!

Mackenzie McNiven (she/her)

Hello UVic friends, my name is Mackenzie and I am a fourth year biology psychology combined honours student. Having a strong background in the governance of various foundations and organizations, I am very interested in taking an active role in UVSS decision making and hope to share my experiences at UVic to the benefit of the student population. To exemplify this, I would like to discuss the rapid turnover rate and frequent elections within the UVSS that I have witnessed. While these things are necessitated by the continuous in- and efflux of students, platforms often fail to consider this and unattainable promises are made. I cannot guarantee that I can lobby the provincial government to lower tuition, remove taxes on textbooks, or place a cap on rent (if I could, I already would have). Instead, I would like to focus on:
– improving accessibility to existing programs/clubs
– facilitating increased peer driven discussions and assistance
– working with faculty and student groups to effectively address discrimination and harassment in its many forms
Above all else, I am here to listen to what the students of every faculty are really asking for – please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Gabrielle Miller (she/her)

My name is Gabrielle Miller, and I would love to have the privilege of serving as UVSS Director-at-Large. As an international, third- year Sociology student with years of experience in the legal field, I am no stranger to hard work. I have served within a variety of leadership roles at my previous institution in The Bahamas. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with multiple human rights advocacy groups focused on anti-human trafficking, refugee rehabilitation and women’s rights in North America, Eurasia and Southeastern Africa.

My advocacy goals are as follows:

1. Maintaining an open forum style of communication between myself and the UVIC student body to ensure that my advocacy reflects the genuine concerns of the student body.

2. Mobilizing more holistically intellectual spaces between departments and student bodies.

3. Advancing research opportunities for international students by challenging the glass-ceilings imposed by inherently nationalistic research funding opportunities.

4. Increasing BIPOC student visibility by pushing for deeper academic engagement therewith; I seek to amplify the community’s voice by ensuring institutional accountability.

Varian Panych (any/all)

Hi, fellow UVSS Students! I’m Varian Panych and I’m running to be one of your Directors-at-Large! I am a queer first-year philosophy student and a member of a Plural System with a big passion for student rights, unions, intersectionality, and Queer and Neurodivergent Pride. I spent my last year of high school trying to unionize the students of the school and I’m ready to take that energy to the UVSS. There are two major areas I would focus on if elected:

– Bring Neurodivergent Pride to the UVSS: Many students at UVic are neurodivergent, and as one myself, I want to bring awareness, joy, and pride to all neurodivergent students!

– Build Stronger Communication and Understanding Between the UVSS and the Students it Represents: A lot of students struggle to understand what the UVSS is, what it does, and how it works. A well-functioning union and democracy needs its members to understand how it works, so I want to build that understanding by effectively communicating what the UVSS is and how it functions to the student body.

Hemal Sharma (he/him)

Wazzup UVic! I’m Hemal, a second-year political science student from Calgary, and I’m here to shake things up, not with grand promises, but with real, down-to-earth change.

I believe that the UVSS has the potential to make a significant difference in students’ lives through ground-level initiatives. It’s crucial to support existing services and organizations that already make a positive impact. Initiatives like the Peer Support Centre and organizations like the Students of Colour Collective, Native Students Union, and Society for Students with a Disability are critical resources, and I’m dedicated to supporting them as they improve and grow.

I aim to accomplish:

  1. Building Community:
    I know the value of a strong community and in the digital age we are all in need of better community. Let’s create a campus that fosters connections, goes beyond academics, and nurtures a sense of belonging.
  2. Academic Support:
    Navigating academics can be tough. I’ll work to make existing academic support more accessible and thorough, ensuring an equal shot at success.
  3. Student Well-being:
    Mental health and well-being are vital, we must expand the mental health resources and initiatives that the UVSS offers in order to combat the increasing burdens placed on students.
Ayla Starkey (she/her)

My goal as a member of the UVSS is to help foster an engaged and inclusive community at UVIC. I aim to do that by helping maintain and protect the spaces/resources that people need, as well as supporting new innovative ideas. University can be a challenging time of life for some people and ensuring everyone has proper support is a top priority. My first goal will be to expand the Pet Cafe so more people have access to stress relief. I want people to be able to be happy and proud of their university. Being a first year can make it difficult to know how and when to get involved. As a fellow first year, I hope to be a good representation of my peers. I would be happy to be a connection for the UVIC community and people trying to become part of it. I will strive to be open-minded and listen to all perspectives to ensure everyone feels they have a voice at UVIC.


Most of our members are located in Victoria, BC, the traditional territories of the Lekwungen peoples, also known as the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations communities. 

Many of us are settlers or visitors on land that was violently stolen from Indigenous peoples. The historical and continued dispossession of land threatens Indigenous peoples’ physical and emotional safety, cultural and linguistic growth, and basic and legal rights.

The Electoral Office organizes elections for students at the University of Victoria, but we, just like you, exist within a wider context of colonization. We encourage you to think about why you possess certain rights (like the ability to vote) while others may not, and why elected Directors are rarely Indigenous – or People of Colour, folks with disabilities, and other marginalized identities (both at the University and broader levels).

We are always open to feedback in order to critically evaluate our policy and processes. Deconstructing colonial systems and rebuilding equitable ones is uncomfortable, hard work, but we are ready.