What we do

As outlined in the Electoral Policy, our office has the responsibility and authority to conduct elections independently from the Board and the Electoral Committee and to oversee the process in an impartial manner.

In summary, this is “what we do”:

  • Ensure that all elections occur in the manner outlined in the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS) Bylaws.
  • Administer and oversee the application of the Electoral Policy.
  • Logistical planning for the UVSS elections and referendum processes.
  • Provide information to candidates and proponents/opponents of referenda questions.
  • Answer questions and queries and clarify policy and procedure.
  • Ensure adequate publication and dissemination of information including updates and deadlines, on elections and referendum processes as outlined in the UVSS Bylaws and policies.
  • Make supplemental rules and procedures to facilitate the administration of a fair, transparent and seamless elections process.
  • Approve campaign materials and verify spending limits.
  • Facilitate the informal resolution of elections and referendum issues.
  • Investigate complaints lodged against election candidates and proponent/opponents of referenda questions.
  • Publicize election results and report on the election process for the year.

Please refer to the Electoral Policy for more information and details on the roles of the Elections Office.