Our Mandate

The Elections Office is an independent office within the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS), set to facilitate and offer unbiased and impartial information regarding elections and referenda concerning students. All student elections within the UVSS are organized and supervised by the UVSS Elections Office.

As per UVSS Election Policy, the Elections Office has the responsibility and authority to conduct elections under this policy, independently from the Board of Directors and the Electoral Committee, and impartially among candidates and slates.

Our Electoral Policy is based on the principles of:
1. respect for the democratic process and persons involved in that process,
2. the right of voters and candidates to participate in a fair and just election, and
3. fair and open processes for resolving election issues, including adjudications

The next election to the UVSS Board of Directors will take place March 1 st to 3rd, 2017.