Welcome to the UVSS Elections Office

Call for Nominations

Calls for nomination for the Fall 2017 UVSS Referendum are now open!

The official nomination period is from 9am PST on October 20th to 9am PST on October 27th.


Are you interested in participating as a proponent or opponent of this referendum? Please review the UVSS Electoral Policy and submit a Proponent or Opponent form.

UVSS Electoral Policy (2016-12-12)

Please note that proponent/opponent forms do not necessarily require a mandated number of signatures. Forms must also be downloaded and manually filled in and returned to the Elections Office in hard copy by 9am PST on October 27th to be considered valid.

Proponent Form
Opponent Form

Third Party Endorsement Form


These forms must be submitted electronically. Should you need help in figuring out how to fill in PDF non-fillable forms please click here.

Complaint Form

About Us

The Elections Office is an independent office within the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS). Our office is charged with administering and providing oversight to the annual UVSS Board of Director elections along with any voting on referendum questions. 

Our Office is governed by the UVSS Bylaws and the Electoral Policy, which is created by, and periodically revised by the UVSS Board of Directors prior to the beginning of elections planning. The Elections Office is only required to consult with the Elections Committee when there are unanticipated budget implications which may impact the elections process.

The CEO is hired by a committee consisting of Elections Committee representatives and the UVSS Executive Director and the UVSS Research & Communications Manager and cannot be a current UVSS member. This is done to enhance any potential undue influence which may otherwise be present should the CEO be a current UVSS member.

As an independent body, the actions and decisions undertaken by our office concerning the administration of voting processes are neither subject to the direction of the Board of Directors nor to the Electoral Committee. This autonomy enables us to assure that the preservation of impartiality and fairness during the election process is maintained, to the greatest extent possible.

We welcome you to come visit us at our Office during office hours or to make an appointment to see us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the election process. We are here to serve you!