About the Positions

Before you fill out a nomination form, learn more about what’s involved, the training, and why you should run.


Directors-at-large at the make-it-happen team on the UVSS board of directors. These directors represent the interests of all UVSS members and provide valuable perspective to the board of directors. Want to amplify student voices and make impactful decisions? This is your platform for change! 

Eight Director-at-Large positions are vacant and will be filled via the fall 2023 by-election.


  • Attend committee meetings and cast votes on key decisions.
  • Hold lead directors accountable for their actions and responsibilities.
  • Communicate and engage with other UVSS members — UVic undergraduate students.
  • Assist in organizing and supporting events and activities.
  • Contribute to the execution of advocacy campaigns on local, provincial, and national levels.

Training and Benefits

  • Participate in three days of engaging, hands-on group training.
  • Commit just two hours a week as a volunteer and earn a $50 monthly honorarium.
  • Enjoy weekly discounts on food and beverages at the SUB.
  • Receive complimentary passes to Cinecenta movies.
  • Obtain free bus tickets if you’re not using a U-Pass.

Professional Development Opportunities

As a Director, you’ll receive training in the following topics:

  • financial and operations management
  • society governance
  • legal responsibilities
  • student issues advocacy
  • business development
  • non-profit and social enterprise management
  • allyship and accessibility
  • strategic planning
  • marketing and communications
  • non-violent communication
  • inclusive workplace practices
  • decolonization, anti-sexism, and anti-racism



Represent Students

Be the voice that speaks for and listens to the student body.


Expand Your Network

Forge valuable relationships professionally and personally.


Build Your Skills

Enhance your leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.


Earn and Save

Receive a $50 monthly honorarium, plus enjoy food discounts and free Cinecenta movie passes.